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Argonaut Basketball Profiles: Cadyn Ellis

Through the highs and lows of a whirlwind freshman season, you could always count on two things from Cadyn Ellis: effort, and a smile on his face. “Why are you not playing more?” That was a question posed to Ellis by a family member after two games went by with few minutes to be had.

Argonaut Basketball Profiles: Keith Smith

To call Sophomore Forward Keith Smith wonderfully unique would be an understatement. Whether it involves singing 80’s jams in study tables, keeping his teammates hyped up in only a way he can, or harassing opposing offensive players to the point of completely getting them out of their games, you can count on Waterloo, Iowa native

Argonaut Basketball Profile: Maurice Lowery

If you do a quick scan of the leading scorers for every varsity basketball team in the State of Indiana, what you will not notice are many freshmen at the top of the list. Until you come to Riverside, that is. There, you will find freshman guard Maurice Lowery, who has splashed onto the IHSAA